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Noise Deformer Source Code

The source code for the NoiseDeformer is now freely avaiable. This code can be used without any restrictions. It should be quite easy to add more noise types though newly avaiable noise functions in the api.

NoiseDeformer 1.0

Gunfight Scene
This is the gunfight anim some might have seen on Maxon´s page. Made with Thinking Particles and Cinema4d.


gunfight.avi ( DivX 5.0.2 , 1.7 MB, 640*480)


Here is a brief description how it works: First there is a PStorm emitter that creates the projectiles.A PDeflector does collision detection against a simplified model of the walls. When a projectile hits the wall the PDeflector triggers a PGroup node, so that the projectile goes into another group. Particles of this group have a sphere as shape and are used to blast the holes into the wall via boolean operations. Because the spheres can overleap, thus the boolean operations wouln't work anymore, i put the PGeometry into a Metaball Generator. This "melts" the shperes together and so gives nice results. The fragments are created by a PStorm Emitters which are of course also triggered by the impact of a projectile. The fragments are influcened by gravity and friction. Collision detection (and response) is done against a plane by another PDeflector. It was quite hard to adjust the parameters to get the right bouncy behavior. You might have seen that the small fragments bounce much more that the larger ones. The PDeflector can produce such behavior, but only based on the mass of the particles, not on the size.That´s why the fragments get a mass assigned when they are created. Because mass ∝ radius³ for a homogenous sphere. I choosed mass=radius³. There was a problem with the smaller fragments. They kept jittering on the ground. Björn gave me the hint to let particles change the group and exclude them from collision detection, gravity and so on once their velocity is very small. It worked. And everything was fine :-)

You can use the scene as example to learn from. gunfight.c4d( 650kB )