attack.avi (1.4 MB, DivX5)
Toying with blaster and shielding type effects. Totally not stolen from Babylon 5!

Approaching Earth
approaching earth.avi (8.8 MB, DivX5)
A warp tunnel effect, high-res textures of the earth, and my atmosphere shader in action.

Saarlaner III Intro Scene (22.5 MB, QT Sorenson3)
Part of the opening video for a 300 people lan-party in 2000-something. Also my first character animation.

Saarlaner IV Intro
saarlaner4-intro-fps-part.avi (30.1 MB, Xvid MPEG4)
Part of the opening video for the successor lan-party in 2006.

Bullet Impacts
bulletimpacts.avi (1.7 MB, DivX5)
Result of toying with "scriptable" particle systems.