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attack.avi (1.4 MB, DivX5)
Fighters attacking a hostile space craft.

Approaching Earth
approaching earth.avi (8.8 MB, DivX5)
A warp tunnel effect, and also highres textures and my atmosphere shader which are used for the earth.

Saarlaner III Intro Scene
bearterminator.mov (22.5 MB, QT Sorenson3)
A scene from an intro animation for a 300 person local lan-party.

Saarlaner IV Intro
saarlaner4-intro-fps-part.avi (30.1 MB, Xvid MPEG4)
Part of the intro video for an awesome lan-party in 2006.

Bullet Impacts
bulletimpacts.avi (1.7 MB, DivX5)
An experiment to see how i can do bullet impacts.

Asteroid Field
asteroidfield.avi (6.5 MB, DivX5)
Everybody loves scenes with asteroid fields. This is a try at making one.

Nydenion Crusader Flyby
flyby1.avi (3.3 MB, Indeo5)
A flyby scene. The ship is the Nydenion Crusader, modeled and textured based on photo references. Credit goes to the Nydenion people for the original design (www.nydenion.de).

Ship Flyby
flyby2.avi (2.2 MB, DivX5)
Another flyby scene showing one of my space fighters.

Turntable I
turntable1.avi (1.2 MB, DivX5)
A simple turn table animation

Turntable II
turntable2.avi (8.0 MB, DivX5)
Another simple turn table animation

Atmosphere Earth Test
atmosphere earth test.avi (3.8 MB, DivX5)
A test scene for my atmosphere shader

Atmosphere Ascent Test
atmosphere ascent test.avi (1.0 MB, DivX5)
Another test scene for my atmosphere shader